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Revision History:

Revision September 17th, 2022 (see Help PDF)

  • Performance Improvements
  • Fixed View -> Ascending not working
  • Fixed issue deleting from LLBs
  • Fixed Window scrolled past last item
  • Reversed metric syntax when exporting/copying selection
  • Removed Lock Front Panel from Edit Text and Search Text entries
  • Optimized Background Scanning


Deleting Dead and Orphan Code (8:06) 9/11/22

Property Inspector 4.0 introduction (16:08) 1/23/22

Property Inspector 4.0 Window Manager (9:15) 12/19/21

10 Steps to Obfuscate LabVIEW Source Code (11:21) 3/21/19

How to Edit over 1000 VIS in Under 2 Minutes Using Scripting (15:05) 3/21/18

Property Inspector 2 Quick Intro (3:22) 4/18/16

Property Inspector 2 Introduction (6:19)  7/26/16

Property Inspector 2 Demo at NI Week 2016 (6:00) 

Full Presentation from the LabVIEW Architects Forum Q2 2016 (40:56)

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Revision July 23rd, 2022 (see Help PDF)

  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed Filter by Images, Run-time Menu and Malleable VIs
  • Fixed status after delete selected items
  • Reduced the minimum size of the window
  • Removed Load Time and Window Behavior from Search menu
  • Export replaces quotes with single quotes in Description and History Text
  • Export adds quotes around History Text
  • Limited Select Callers to the first 100 selections
  • Launcher closes if Property Inspector is already running
  • Added setting to Include Memory (may slow project loading)
  • Added several keyboard shortcuts
  • Added Delete Orphans Dialog

Revision January 16th, 2022 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed DAQmx shows as invalid vi type
  • Fixed FP Objs header does not sort
  • Fixed Sort by Column shows Nothing Selected
  • Fixed Select Previous bad after sorting, searching or filtering
  • Fixed Select Background Updates bad after sorting
  • Fixed History and Favorites when \ Codes is enabled
  • Fixed editing Class Private Data Description
  • Fixed vertical scrollbar updates selection
  • Fixed adding favorite when favorites are full
  • Fixed Close Opened Windows disabled
  • Fixed wrong selection when sorting by column
  • Edit class private data keeps date modified if none found
  • Does not refresh PPLs in background
  • Does not save empty selection in the Previous Selection
  • Added Copy Selection to clipboard
  • Added Check for Updates in Help menu
  • Modified several keyboard shortcuts
  • Made the search and edit boxes expandable
  • Lowered Cascade, Stack and Tile positions to expose the PI menu bar

Revision September 26th, 2021 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed issue with Tile Window positions
  • Fixed error 1055 editing LVClass and Library
  • Fixed issue with Trim Description
  • Added percentage to some selections
  • Added STOP to Edit Selected, Open VI, Open BD, Open Clone, Close Selected, Close Opened, Run VIs
  • Added Control-Z for Select Previous
  • Added Shift Control-C for Select Callers
  • Disables Edit Selected button when pressed
  • Prevents Edit Mode Match when Search Text is blank (Shows Enter Search Text)
  • Allows edit mode Match to replace with nothing
  • Enabled Regular Expression mode for Match edit mode
  • Enabled Match Case option for Match edit mode
  • Selecting a Favorite sets the Search to the first element
  • Preserves trailing spaces on Favorite search text
  • Closes reference to project and library when opening another
Known Issues:
  • Cannot sort by Front Panel Objects when clicking the header

Revision June 22nd, 2021 (see Help PDF)

  • Major UI updates
  • Major menu changes
  • Fixed Load LVLib, LVClass
  • Fixed Run Time menu and images types
  • Fixed Global VI detection
  • Fixed issue running VI Analyzer scripts
  • Fixed editing Window Title and Same Name for controls
  • Fixed display of Show Front Panel when Loaded
  • Updated VI Script template to a working test
  • Allows Reloading LVLib and LVClass
  • Removed Monitor property
  • Improved In Memory detection
  • Added Front Panel Objects property
  • Added Longer Than and Shorter Than to Compare Modes
  • Added Show All Object Types setting
  • Added custom list of 12 compound Favorites with keyboard shortcuts
  • Added history of last 9 VI Scripts
  • Added history of last 9 QuickDrop Scripts
  • Added Select Opened Windows
  • Added Select Open Windows
  • Added Select Callers
  • Added Select from Project Explorer
  • Added Select Background Updates
  • Added Show only Selections
  • Added selectable Group Size with Back/Next support
  • Added Close Selected Windows
  • Added Static Selection feature
  • Added Window Cascade, Tile and Stack
  • Added option to enable Retain Wire Values on block diagrams
  • Added option to open First Clone block diagram
  • Added Daemon to refresh in background with selectable delay
  • Added separate options to save QD and VI Script edits
  • Added system beep if process takes over one minute
  • Added open VI warning limits (100 FP/60 BD)
  • Excludes vi.lib from dependencies
  • Resorts after Reload Project, Library or Class


Revision June 27th, 2021 (see Help PDF)

  • Minor GUI adjustments
  • Fixed Target property
  • Fixed Load Class
  • Fixed Load Library
  • Fixed Re-entrant not editable
  • Fixed Sort by class and library
  • Fixed order of recent history
  • Fixed Reentrant display
  • Fixed Global VI detection
  • Fixed editing Window Title and Same Name for controls
  • Removed Monitor property
  • Now supports libraries in libraries
  • Removed vi.lib from dependencies
  • Does not read the contents of packed libraries

Property Inspector Free 3.0.1 is derived from Property Inspector 3.0. Features disabled in the free version:

  • Edit all selected VIs in a single click
  • Powerful scripting options allow custom search and edit operations with very little programming
  • Multiple VIs can be deleted from the project in multiple locations including LLBs in a single click
  • The resulting list can be exported for further analysis


Revision April 19th, 2020 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed issue with loading LVClasses directly
  • Fixed issue with loading LVLibs directly
  • Fixed the order of the recent item in the History menu
  • Searching Data Modified now hides items without dates
  • Added STOP button for loading and editing
  • Shows folder being scanned when opening a project
  • Added Include LVLIBP option to exclude packed libraries
  • Added menu shortcuts ^S, ^SHIFT-E, ^0-9
  • Performance improvements

Revision November 22nd, 2019 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed Re-entrant not editable
  • Fixed sorting by Class and Library
  • Fixed VI script cannot be saved
  • Added Scan Time property
  • Added Show Window when Loaded property
  • Added new object filters for Malleable VIs (LV2015+), images and Run Time menus
  • Added support for Packed LV Library
    •  Shows the same date/time for packed library contents
  • Added Compound Sorting option
  • Added support for libraries in libraries
  • Added new method to detect In Memory
  • Improved the settings dialog to make section easier (thanks Jim)
  • Added display of search criteria at bottom left corner

Revision February 6th, 2019 (see Help PDF)

Features disabled in the free version:
  • Edit all selected VIs in a single click
  • Powerful scripting options allow custom search and edit operations with very little programming
  • Multiple VIs can be deleted from the project in multiple locations including LLBs in a single click
  • The resulting list can be exported for further analysis

Revision February 6th, 2019 (see Help PDF)

  • Added more Error checking to Launcher VI
  • Added Minor LV Version number to sorting
  • Added more specific processing messages
  • Added new Object Types: Control - Typedef, Control - Strict TD, DAQmx, Variable
  • Added new properties: Class, Clones, Code Complexity,File Size, Inline SubVI, Inline is Allowed, Library, Suspend when Called, Show menu bar, Total Data Size, Window Transparently, Execution Priority, Preferred Execution System
  • Added PERSISTENT SELECTION™ when searching, sorting and filtering
  • Added progress bar centered at bottom
  • Added separate Object Filters for Typedefs and Strict Typedefs
  • Added Timestamp for Class Private Data
  • Added Timestamp for LLB folders
  • Added viewing and editing Separate Code for Classes and Libraries
  • Fixed issue with Refresh Selected
  • Fixed sort by Item Type
  • Fixed issue running VI Scripts
  • Improved project load times
  • Memory values are now calculated as 1K = 1024
  • Moved blank LV Version to end of list when sorting
  • Searches project folder for virtual folders and LLBs to find date and size
  • Update selection count of previous count when Update Selection on Failure is enabled
  • Updates Timestamp after running scripts
  • Updated ALL parameter for better consistency
  • Updated ALL parameter to allow for GLOBAL EXCLUSION™ condition


Revision November 6th, 2018

  • Fixed issue with Separate Compiled Code
  • Fixed issue filtering Classes and Libraries
  • Fixed issue with Trim Descriptions
  • Fixed Sort by Target
  • Fixed Search by Same as VI Name
  • Fixed name when a single VI is selected and filter is on
  • Fixed issue with Search Example 12
  • Update selection count when using Update Selection on Failure
  • Added Error checking to Laucher VI
  • Added Table of Contents to Help PDF

Known Issues

  • Alliance Partner link has changed
  • VI Scripts are not updated properly

Version March 20th, 2017 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed problem with license activation. This version must be purchased after evaluation.
  • Fixed some controls not in memory
  • Fixed status with one item selected
  • Fixed VI Script dynamic template
  • Fixed Refresh Selected Items reverting back
  • Prevented sorting when moving column dividers
  • Sorts Items without Date Modified to the bottom
  • Sorts LV Version as numbers, not strings
  • Scripts only save the VI if it was modified
  • Added control-Open VIs to show multiple block diagrams
  • Added Show Block Diagrams to pull down menu
  • Added LLB support for VI Analyzer scripts
  • Added Show VIs in Project to pull down menu
  • Added support for targets, added new column
  • Added Separate Compiled Code from Source property
  • Added Show Front Panel when Called property
  • Added number of callers property
  • Added Update Selections on VI Script Failures enabling a script to create custom selection criteria
  • Added Reload Project to resynchronize with the current project
  • Added two common functions to VI Script
  • Replaced example with Separate Compiled Code is false

Version, February 29, 2016 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed some Class members show as Not In Memory
  • Fixed RunTime Menu and Revision Number not sorting
  • Fixed invalid object types
  • Suppressed Error dialog for no errors
  • Added date modified prompt for year and mm/dd/yy
  • Added Date Modified starts with and equals searches
  • Added document, class private data and property definition types
  • Added double-click on results to open VI
  • Improved process timer
  • Improved results display

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Revision May 19, 2016

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