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New Property Inspector 5.0 released with unlimited simple macros to automate your project!

A Better Complete Development Engineering Firm develops custom applications to meet the need for manufacturing and business problems where standard applications are not adequate. Implementing only the features required to perform a given task results in a compact program which can be very easy to use.

Custom applications can be tailored for the needs of the operator and the sequencing of the tasks. Making a specific combination of functions available at the push of single button increases operator efficiency. Less mouse clicks can produce more consistent results then with off the shelf programs.

A custom application for manufacturing can perform a system test, analyze the results, show pass/fail, create a graph, and save the data on a network server. A client application running on any workstation can then access the data, results and graphs.

For a small business a custom application written in VBA for Excel can query a database, process the data, generate an XML file, summarize the results on several worksheets, create a dozen graphs, produce a complete report on the laser printer and save the output where the target audience can use it.

We specialize in :

    Data Acquisition Systems
    Data Analysis Software
    Instrument Driver Development
    Client/Server Data Processing
    SQL Server Databases / XML Databases
    Custom Test Equipment
    Embedded Microcontroller Systems with 8051, XA or PSoC
    Network Installation, Configuration and Upgrades
    Automation for Automation
    Robotic Systems
    Barcoded Part Tracking Systems
    Website Design Services
    Xerox Authorized Printer Sales
    Property Inspector 5.0
    National Instruments
    Certified LabVIEW Developer
    National Instruments
    Certified Alliance Partner
    National Instruments Alliance Partner

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