Project Filter and Edit

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How many times have you discovered several VI properties that needed to be edited in multiple Vis and wished there was a way to quickly and efficiently edit them all at once? ABCDEF introduces a new utility that easily performs that operation.  But that is only half of what it does.  It is also a powerful project analysis tool.

Filter and Edit screenshot

Project Filter and Edit allow all the items in your project to be filtered based on 20 VI properties including VI Description and Allow Debugging. After selecting all or some of the results, many of the specified filtered settings can be modified for all VIs. It is also possible to modify a different property than the filter.

Quickly find all VIs in the project by:

  • Blank Description
  • Default Description
  • Broken State
  • Allow Debugging Enabled
  • Older LabVIEW Version
  • Bad Runtime Menu
  • High Data Size before execution
  • Not loaded In Memory
  • Re-entrancy On or Off
  • Re-entrancy Pre-allocate or Shared
  • Highest Revision Number
  • Location in the Project (or out of the project folder)

This utility is very versatile and configurable. Select only the columns you want to display to search for the properties that most fit your requirements. Enable only the project items relevent to your needs. Filter within the existing result by a different item to narrow the scope.

This product is available on the LabVIEW Tools Network.

Filter and Edit
Allow Debugging
Front Panel Window Title
Is Re-entrant
Log File Path
Reentrancy Type
Revision Number
Runtime Menu Path
Run When Opened
Same as VI Name
VI Description

String Edit Modes:

Filter Only
ALL fields
Block Diagram Size
Code Size
Data Size
Execution State
Front Panel Data Size
History Text
In Memory
VI Type
VI Version

Compare Modes:
5 String comparisions
2 boolean comparisons
2 numeric comparisons


Here are several useful examples of filter and edit operations.  The filter and edit settings are expressed exactly as it appears on the screen.  Some examples show the edit operation with sample edit text and notes in parenthesis.

  1. VI Description Starts With Use this template to build, remove
  2. VI Description Excludes ABCDEF, Append "<CRLF>Written by ABCDEF"
  3. VI Description Is Blank/0, replace Description of each VI (then press Next to advance to the next VI)
  4. Allow Debugging Is Not Blank/0, Remove (remove will disable Allow Debugging)
  5. Execution State Equals "Bad"
  6. Data Size Greater Than "100K"
  7. VI Version Less Than "12"
  8. In Memory Is Blank/0 (locates all VIs not in memory)
  9. Path Starts With C: (locates all VIs not under the project path)
  10. Reentrancy Type Contains Pre, Replace S
  11. Is Re-entrant Not Blank/0


Last updated on: August 27th, 2014