Property Inspector 2.1

60+ Operations that can be done in seconds that are difficult or impossible with LabVIEW:

  1. Find all VIs with blank Descriptions
  2. Find all VIs with Descriptions that are not blank
  3. Replace several blank Descriptions in a single click
  4. Append template text to all Descriptions
  5. Prepend template text to all Descriptions
  6. Find all VIs with various template Descriptions and remove them all
  7. Find all VIs with Allow Debugging Enabled
  8. Disable Allow Debugging on all those VIs
  9. Re-enable Allow Debugging on the same VIs after testing performance
  10. Find all VIs with Automatic Error Handling enabled
  11. Disable Automatic Error Handing for all those VIs
  12. Find all VIs with History Text
  13. Clear the history text for all those VIs
  14. Find all VIs with Separate compiled code from source disabled
  15. Enable Separate compiled code from source for those VIs
  16. Find all VIs not in memory
  17. Find All VIs that are broken
  18. Find all VIs in earlier LV versions
  19. Find all VIS that are not in memory, broken AND in an earlier LV Version
  20. Find all VIs with Password Protection enabled
  21. Remove Password Protection for several VIs
  22. Turn on Password Protection for several VIs
  23. Lock several VIs
  24. Find all VIs with Reentrancy enabled
  25. Find all VIs with Reentrant set to Shared or Preallocated
  26. Find all VIS with Reentrancy enabled AND set to Preallocated
  27. Change Reentrant setting for several VIs
  28. Find all VIs with any custom Run Time Menu
  29. Remove the Run Time menu for all those VIs
  30. Find all VIS with a custom Window Title
  31. Find all VIs set to show their window when called
  32. Find the oldest VIs in the project
  33. Find the most recent VIs in the project
  34. Find that VI last modified on a specific date
  35. Find all controls in a project
  36. Select all Global VIs in a project
  37. Highlight multiple objects scattered in the Project Explorer window in a single click
  38. List All VIs that are modified without closing the project
  39. Save a subset of modified VIs in a single operation
  40. Sort all VIs by static data memory size
  41. Sort all VIs by code size
  42. Sort all VIs by Revision Number
  43. Sort all VIs by date modified
  44. Sort all VIs by Name
  45. Sort all VIs by Path
  46. Sort all VIs by Type
  47. Sort all VIs by number of callers
  48. Reset Revision Number for several VIs
  49. Set Revision Number for several VIs
  50. Delete several VIs from the project and several LLBs in a single operation
  51. Delete single VI from auto-populating folder
  52. Delete several VIs from several auto-populating folders in a single operation
  53. Open any number of windows and then close them in a single operation
  54. Open any number of block diagrams and then close them in a single operation
  55. Run a custom VI script on any number of VIs
  56. Run a custom search on the entire project using one VI script
  57. Run a standard VI Analyzer check and highlight the failed VIs in the Project Explorer Window
  58. Run a standard Quick Drop script on any number of VI’s front panels
  59. Run a standard Quick Drop script on any number of VI’s block diagrams
  60. Customize a standard Quick Drop script to edit any number of VIs
  61. Perform repetitive edits efficiently with a one-click history of the last 10 edits

This product is available on the LabVIEW Tools Network. Download a free 30 day trial with unrestricted usage.

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Last updated on: March 17th, 2017